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Guzzle Gun

    Shotgun your beverage of choice with the brand new GuzzleGun!

Comfortable mouthpiece allows for safe consumption from a puncture hole at the bottom of the can.

For a tutorial on how to use this product please see this video or the instructions below:

1. Slide can into cup.

2. Hold can so that the bottom is slightly elevated above the top of the can.

3. Snap mouthpiece into closed position.

4. Place mouthpiece into mouth.

5. Turn can upright with mouth piece still in mouth.

6. Pop top of can.


The GuzzleGun allows for a quick, clean, spill-free operation. The mouthpiece snaps into place while simultaneously puncturing a hole in the bottom of the can. The can-cup is sealed with an O-ring compressing function at the mouthpiece opening.


The GuzzleGun is not intended to be loaded with Silver Bullets.

There is a small gas pocket inside every carbonated beverage can. You must position your beverage can in such a way that the gas pocket will be situated below the point of puncture. Puncturing the can while in an upright position or after the contents of the can have been agitated will result in a nice column of beverage being spewn into the air.


Fits all standard size beer cans, other than sleek newer model Coors & Michelob cans.

Constructed of high strength plastic and made in the USA!

Includes black lanyard.

Dimensions: Guzzle gun 3" diameter, 2.25" tall Lanyard 18" long


This product was added to our catalog on Friday 13 February, 2009.
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