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Screwed By Wall Street Corkscrew

    Screwed By Wall Street Corkscrew ©

We’ve been screwed, fooled, sliced, diced and mutilated by the stock markets! Bankers, brokers, analysts, and CEO’s led us down the garden path, and we were all drunk with greed…until it all collapsed! They tanked the world stock markets and your portfolio, retirement plan, pension fund, and kid’s college money all tanked with it! Meanwhile, the Governments of the world bailed the banks out, and our greedy bankers lined their pockets with record bonuses!

Is that fair? Show the bankers that WE DON’T ACCEPT IT! It is time to make a stand! Grab a bottle of wine and, every time you pop a cork, remember who got screwed – US -- and never let it happen again!


This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 11 December, 2010.
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